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Coloring Pixels V1.14 Patch Notes!

Version 1.14 Patch Notes!

In this update we have introduced the magnifier! A new optional tool to help those who like to play zoomed out.

New Features

  • Added support fo

  • r the Spring Pack DLC

  • Added Magnifier

    • Added new settings option to switch between the settings: disabled, touch only, cursor only & both (default set to disabled)

    • Added new settings option to control the zoom level of the magnifier. Between 1x zoom to 10x zoom (default set to 1.5x)

  • You can now scroll through the colour palette by dragging it.

Bug Fixes & Misc

  • Fixed a bug where some level credits were too long to be shown correctly. Now if this happens, the "By:” prefix is removed, giving room for the artist’s full handle. Notably this was occurring to Milkshake in Book 1, and Under da Sea in Book 2.

  • Changed the wording for the settings option “Game Complete Animation” to “Image Complete Animation”.

  • Updated the game engine to a more modern long term support branch.

  • All menu sliders are now arranged in a uniform pattern, with the setting name to the left and the current setting aligned to the right.

Coloring Pixels on Mobile!

Coloring Pixels Mobile is coming to IOS and Android on the 1st May! You can pre-register or preload now here:

Spring Pack DLC!

Don’t forget, the Spring Pack is coming to Coloring Pixels on 24th April! Wishlist it here to get notified about it’s release:

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