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Halloween 2 Book DLC Out Now! & Coloring Pixels V1.15.2

The Halloween 2 Book Is Available Now!

The second installment of the Halloween DLC book is here! Do you love Halloween as much as we do? If so make sure you check out the newest DLC! 20 new images all themed around the spookiest holiday of the year! The scary, the spooky, and outright weird!

The Halloween 2 Pack is out now for $1/£0.79 or your regional equivalent.

Coloring Pixels V1.15.2

New Features

  • Added a slider to control the speed of panning around levels with the keyboard. - In v1.15.1 we fixed a bug where moving around levels was much faster than intended. It turns out that some of you liked that speed, so we are adding this slider to give you all the option to go faster if you wish :)

  • Added credits to the settings page - We recently set up a Patreon, for those who wish to support us even more than just buying and playing our games. One of the rewards is to have your name immortalized in the credits of our games! We didn't have credits in Coloring Pixels, so we thought it best to add one.

  • Hide Level Names and Images is now two separate settings - When enabled, this setting obfuscates the level image and name until you complete the level (to avoid spoilers). As requested by the community, this has been split into two separate settings to give you more control. So now you can choose to only hide the image and keep the level names visible for example. Anyone who had the setting enabled prior to this update will automatically have both enabled, so shouldn't notice any difference.

Bug Fixes and Misc

  • Bug fixes for the upcoming Halloween 2 book.

    • Fixed a bug where restarting a level with New Game Plus would cause it to scroll you down to the bottom of the book in the main menu (instead of remembering where you were).

    • Fixed a bug where music would start playing when launching Coloring Pixels with the music volume set to 0.

    • Removed the "Your Art" button from the main menu.

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