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Coloring Pixels - V1.3

V1.3 Patch Notes

This week we have focused on implementing new accessibility features. We hope that these features will enable more people to enjoy our game.

New Features

  • Zoom keyboard controls - You can now zoom in and out of an image by pressing "-", "=", "keypad +" and "keypad -".

  • Pan smoothing - Panning around levels is now faster and is much smoother.

  • Rebindable keys - Keys can now be rebound in the Unity launcher.

  • Eraser key bind - When selecting numbers with the number keys, you can select the number 00 to equip the eraser.

  • Keyboard color select improvements - When you are selecting colors with the number keys, you can now hold shift and a single digit to immediately select that number. This greatly speeds up the process of selecting single digit numbers. This also works with the new eraser keybind (shift + 0)

  • Keyboard color cycling - You can now cycle through colours with Q + E. Q selects the color to the left and inversely, E selects the color to the right.

  • Version number - The game's version number (in this case v1.3.0) is now listed in the settings screen.

  • RPG book support - The RPG book has been added. This includes support for the additional book and a screen that links to the store page if the DLC is not owned.

  • Pixel lock - New options in the settings menu (default is off). When enabled, completed pixels can not be overwritten.

Bug Fixes and Misc

  • Hide button save - The feature that hides the images and names of uncompleted images now saves. This option no longer needs to be checked each time the game launches.

  • Autosave corruption bug - We became aware of a bug that corrupts save files if the autosave function is interrupted. To fix this, when the autosave is triggered, a backup save is produced that the game will automatically revert to if the first is corrupt. If this bug is encountered, the level select for the image will still show that an error has occurred. Now however, when the "OPEN" button is selected, the backup save file will be used instead and will take the place of the original corrupt save file. You should be able to continue normally after that. To further this the autosave has been reduced from every 10 seconds to every 30.

  • Click misalignment - You could previously click through the top of the UI element at the bottom of the screen.

  • Achievement icon improvements - The image for Book 3 Image 10's completion has been replaced with one that looks more like the finished product.

  • Keyboard color select timer - When selecting a color using the keyboard, the time the box stays awake is reduced from 4 seconds to 3.

  • Settings toggle button - New images are used for the toggle buttons in the settings menu.

Known Bugs

  • We are aware of a bug where some users can't see most of the main menu buttons. This is due to the game being unable to access some key level files. We are working on a permanent solution. In the mean time, please try launching the game with administrator privileges or installing the game in a different directory. Apploagies if this affects you.


The RPG book DLC is being released today; this includes 20 new levels to complete. The book releases at 13:00 PDT/20:00 GMT.

Support for the DLC and its accompanying achievements will release earlier in the day to give us a chance to do some last minute assurance testing before it launches.

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