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Coloring Pixels - V1.8

Hiding Completed Colors From Palette

A common request has been for us to add a setting that removes completed Colors from the the Color Palette at the bottom of the screen. Well here it is! This patch adds this as a new option in settings (the default is toggled off).

This new feature behaves slightly differently depending on whether you have Lock Completed Pixels enabled or disabled.

  • When Lock Completed Pixels is enabled, as it is in the gif above - When a color is completed (when there are no more colors of that number to complete) the color will be removed from the palette and the next color in the sequence will be automatically selected. Cycling through colors (Q + E) will behave as expected, skipping over the hidden completed colours. Typing in specific numbers will continue to work, but it won’t allow you to select to number of a completed color.

  • When Lock Completed Pixels is disabled - Completing a color will not automatically switch to the next color and the color will remain visible in the palette until deselected. Cycling through colors (Q + E) will let you access the hidden colors, temporarily making them visible. Typing in specific numbers will work for all available numbers. If the color is complete then it will temporarily make it visible until deselected.

Patch Notes

New Features

  • Added Emoji DLC support.

  • Added Palette Hiding Feature.

Emoji Book DLC

Just a quick reminder that the Emoji Book DLC will be releasing on Friday 9th November. This new book will include 20 new emoji and smart-phone related images to complete!

The DLC will cost $1, £0.79, or your regional equivalent and will release at 13:00 PDT/20:00 GMT.

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