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Coloring Pixels - V1.9

Patch Notes

It’s been a few weeks since our last update but it will be worth the wait (we promise). There are lots of new features that you have been asking for that are coming in V1.9. To top it off, we are happy to announce the Winter Holiday’s DLC coming just in time for Christmas.

New Features

  • New Setting (default off) - High Contrast - Some of you were having trouble reading numbers attached to dark numbers. High contrast changes two parts of the game, both of which help improve visibility. Firstly, the selected color in the palette will have a white background. Secondly, all incorrectly colored pixels will stay white as if brand new.

  • New Setting (default off) - Hide Completed Books - When enabled, books that are 100% complete are hidden in the main menu.

  • New Setting - Fonts: Open Dyslexic & Tahoma - Two new fonts added for those who dislike the default pixelated font. We will work to improve this feature in the future and are welcome to feedback and suggestions. (Currently doesn’t affect the main menu)

  • Support for the Winter Holiday’s DLC.

Bug Fixes and Misc

  • Steam Cloud Sync Optimisation - Those of you who are near to completing the game will notice that Steam will lock up (sometimes for several minutes) while Steam syncs your save data with the cloud. Coloring Pixels uses a lot of save files, which takes Steam a while to upload each time it syncs. To optimise this, the game now produces a single .zip file that is used for the sync.

  • Corrected a typo with a level in the Space Pack (Vomet Comet -> Vomit Comet), the associated achievement has also been fixed.

  • Multiple adjustments to the settings menu:

    • New layout - This helps to define which part of the game a setting will effect.

    • Pixel visualiser - Added new section that demonstrates how changing a setting will affect the appearance of pixels in game.

    • Adjusted the scroll bar to behave in the same way to other scroll bars in the game.

No Trading Cards

Unfortunately, Steam has informed us that Coloring Pixels won’t be eligible for Trading Cards. This is because a free to play game must have in app purchases to qualify for trading cards. Although Coloring Pixels has several DLCs that you can purchase, Steam do not see these as in app purchases. We are a bit disappointed with this outcome as I’m sure some of you will be, but we feel the game is better this way with DLC’s rather than having in-app purchases.

Winter Holidays DLC

Announcing Coloring Pixel’s next DLC! The Winter Holidays Pack includes 20 new Winter and seasonal holiday inspired images. It launches on 21st December at 13:00 PST/20:00 GMT and will be available for $1, £0.79, or your regional equivalent.


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