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Coloring Pixels - V1.9.2

V1.9.2 Patch Notes

This patch is mainly to fix a few bugs and apply some internal changes that we have made.

New Features

  • Clicking and dragging the mouse to color in is now much more responsive (the game polls the mouse 20x more often). As some of you have worked out, the game checks the mouse position once a frame to check if you are coloring in a pixel. Because of this, some users play the game with Vsync turned off to get the maximum frame rate and the best sensitivity from the mouse input. You can now run the game with Vsync on (60fps) and the mouse will poll 1200 times a second.

  • Added support for Patterns Pack.

Bug Fixes and Misc

  • Made some bug fixes to the archiving script. In some cases, some files would be newer than that found in the archive and would be overwritten on launch, the newest file will now take priority.

Patterns DLC Pack

Announcing the Patterns DLC Pack! Enjoy 20 new images, expect optical illusions, patterns, and fractals. It launches on 18th January at 13:00 PST/20:00 GMT and will be available for $1, £0.79, or your regional equivalent.

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