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Only 1 Week until WooLoop!

1 Week to go!

That's right, WooLoop is right around the corner! We are so excited about the release and hope you are too.

Officially releasing next Friday, the 13th of January - A Spooky date for sure with all the nerves we are feeling! Make sure you head over to the store page now to Wishlist the game before release to get notified as soon as you can play.

WooLoop is Free so you can add it to your Steam Library at no cost. With other 100 levels to play and unwind to, you can play for hours and hours.

What's left to do?

3 main things are in progress for release.

Levels: We still have about 1 Gallery's worth of levels to complete for next week; this may seem like a lot which is why we have hired some extra help for the next couple of months! If you are in our Discord you will have seen a "Toastie_Icy" who is our new Level Designer helping Rob make the final levels for WooLoop.

Bug Fixing and QA Testing: Each new level needs playing to ensure there are no problems with the level before launch. As well as this, there are still a few minor bugs that are being corrected; each one needs double-checking and thorough testing.

Marketing: As a small indie company, we have little to no marketing budget, so all marketing is done in-house. This week we went full throttle on our media outreach, contacting numerous press sites, bloggers, content creators and reviewers. This is the majority of the work done but it will need constant monitoring and input from us up to release.

Keep an eye out on your social media, YouTube and Twitch to see people with early access play our game before Friday!

The Game Release

And this is pretty much it! Very exciting times here at ToastieLabs, we are busy and working hard to make sure the game is perfect for release. Join us in Discord and watch gameplay online as we all get ready for launch day next Friday.

Wishlist now and let us know your experiences when you get to play too!

Thank you for your support and we can't wait to see you Looping that Wool!

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