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ToastieLabs Birthday Steam Sale!

6 Years of ToastieLabs,

5 Years of Coloring Pixels,

3 Years of hexceed!

WooLoops first Sale!

We are celebrating another year of ToastieLabs with a huge thank you to all of you for playing our games! We are running a ToastieLabs sale all week with all our available games, DLC and Soundtrack at a 20% discount or more!

From now until Monday, 21st August at 6 PM BST, everything is on sale!

Now is the perfect chance to pick up that DLC you always wanted or to finish your ToastieLabs collection!

Head over to the Steam Store pages now so you don't miss out!

Keep checking this week for more Coloring Pixels news as we begin celebrating Coloring Pixels turning 5 years old - a Community book competition, a new bonus book and more!

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