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V1.12.12 Patch Notes & Variety Pack DLC

Sorry for the crashes

With the launch of patch v1.12.0 some of you experienced frequent crashes and lag spikes that made the game very difficult to play. It looks like we have finally managed to fix these problems but we are very sorry that this happened. So as an apology and a thank you to all of those who were able to help us to diagnose this issue we have just released a new free image in the bonus book.

V1.12.12 Patch Notes

Bug fixes and misc

  • Added new Image to the Bonus book.

  • Fixed bug with the bonus screen and removed the newsletter requirement.

  • Fixed a reliability issue with the end of level timelapse.

  • Added support for the Variety Pack DLC

Announcing The Variety Pack DLC!

Containing 20 new levels; the variety pack contains a selection of levels from various themes! Expect vehicles, city-scapes, landscapes, and various other peculiar objects! The Variety Pack will release Friday 26th July at 12:00 PDT/20:00BST/19:00 UTC for $1/£0.79 or your regional equivalent.

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