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V1.12 Patch Notes & Flowers Pack DLC Announcement

New Game Plus!

A small group of you have been requesting a new game plus mode since the game’s launch. Coming today in V1.12 of Coloring Pixels we are adding just that! There are quite a few new things to cover, so let’s break it down.

New Game Plus Button

When you complete a level, there is now a new heart button in the bottom left of the screen. Pressing this, and then the following confirmation button will restart the level into new game plus mode. This will wipe all progress on the image. You can new game plus the same level multiple times to get increasingly more prestigious level select cards (described later).

New Game Plus Feature: Timer

When playing a level in new game plus mode you will be timed! This is purely for those that are interested in the time taken for each image, or for those that want to beat their own record, and will in no way make the game competitive or less relaxing than before! The timer can be viewed by holding tab (or toggled to always be visible in the settings).

Level Card Rewards

The main menu will change dramatically if you chose to complete images with new game plus. Now, each time you complete a level, it’s respective border will change color (default, to red, to green, to blue, to black). And if you manage to complete all levels to a certain color, the book’s button will also change.

We wanted add these optional features in an unobtrusive way, and as such we won’t be adding any new game plus related achievements.

Hope you enjoy!

100% Completion Playback

We have added a little animation when you complete a level! Now when you finish coloring, the camera gracefully pans out and the game plays a short timelapse of your progress from start to completion!

Unfortunately, until this v1.12 update we haven’t been tracking your coloring progress in sufficient enough detail to create this animation. So for any in-progress levels, you might notice that we faked the start of the playback for you. Sorry about this; you can always retry the level with New Game Plus if you want to take credit for the whole timelapse.

We hope you like this little addition. If you don’t, we have added an option in the settings to turn it off.

V1.12 Patch Notes

New Features

  • New game plus!

    • Complete levels multiple times to unlock newly colored pages and books.

    • Games started with new game plus track time played.

  • 100% completion playback

  • New settings options

    • “Game Completion Animation” When enabled, the playback animation for 100% completion images will play. Defaulted to on.

    • “Show Percentage” When enabled, the percentage complete value will be shown on screen at all times (in level). When not enabled, you can hold tab to peek at this. Defaulted to off.

    • “Show Timer” When enabled, the level timer will be shown on screen at all times (in level). When not enabled, you can hold tab to peek at this. For new game plus levels only. Defaulted to off.

Bug fixes and misc

  • Slight graphical improvements to small pixels. When zoomed out you shouldn’t notice as many graphical artefacts.

  • Split Accessibility features into separate section in the settings menu.

  • Added support for the Flowers Pack DLC.

Announcing the Flowers Pack DLC!

Containing 20 new levels: this pack is floral themed! Expect patterns, bouquets, and roses! The Flowers Pack will release Friday 21th June at 12:00 PDT/20:00BST/19:00 UTC for $1/£0.79 or your regional equivalent.

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