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V1.13.2 Patch Notes

Community Book 2 Update

Apologies but we have encountered a couple of unforeseen problems with the new book. Because of this, the book will be delayed by a couple of days. Apologies for this delay but we just wanted to make sure that the book is up to our standards and does good justice to the hard work of the competition winners.

Patch V1.13.2

New Features

  • Steam Achievements - We have altered our Achievement triggering process. You now must own a DLC to unlock its achievements from the main menu. (Some users were stealing the save files and harassing others for theirs)

Bug Fixes & Misc

  • Fixed a bug where the audio volume would only be set after opening the settings menu.

  • Fixed a bug where the volume button had some of the hint menu option text above it.

  • Altered the “Community” book menu image to “Community I”.

Patch V1.13.1

Quick reminder of our lesser patch last week.

Bug Fixes & Misc

  • Removed the “Your Art” button.

  • Monsters Pack Fixes (pre-launch)

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