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V1.15.0 Patch Notes

This update, we just wanted to focus on giving Coloring Pixels some much-needed love and attention. Although mainly this update brings lots of back end improvements, there are plenty of small bug fixes included!

Bug Fixes and Misc

- Upgraded Engine version

- Dark mode is now much more consistent and reliable throughout the game.

- New main menu font for book select buttons.

- Book select button's text now consistently turns yellow when pressed. (Apparently for the top few books it stayed black?)

- Using the scroll wheel will now only work while the mouse is over the game.

- Altered the artist credit for Impact level on the Community 2 book.

- Bonus Book:

- Fixed broken tick image.

- Added YouTube link.

- When you follow the links, the book automatically opens.

- When you open a level and you then go back to the main menu, the game remembers how far down you were scrolled in the level select part of the game. So if you are working on the later levels in a book, you don't have to scroll down every time.

- The game closes MUCH faster. (about time o.o) - Steam Cloud sync is working again for Mac! In theory, you should be able to play on Mac, and your save file should transition to PC.

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